When Thoughts and Prayers Are Not Enough: Why Age-Based Restrictions on Purchasing Firearms Pass Constitutional Muster

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Making the VRA Great Again: Arizona Discriminatory Voting Restrictions Cannot Stand After Brnovich

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Daily Fantasy Sports v. Internal Revenue Service: The Meaning of Wager and the Federal Excise Tax on Entry Fees

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BUILDing a Better Future in International Development: Why the DFC Should Be Considered An Agency to Comply with Development Finance Standards and Maintain Influence Abroad

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Comparing Dadd v. Anoka County with Corbitt v. Vickers: Why Defendants should Bear the Burden of Establishing Qualified Immunity in a Motion to Dismiss

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By Aisha Green*

Sampling as Transformation: Re-Evaluating Copyright’s Treatment of Sampling to End Its Disproportionate Harm on Black Artists

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Rewarding Bad Behavior in Initial-Review Collateral Proceedings: Teague Says Yes, Due Process Says No

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Employing Smith to Prevent a Constitutional Right to Discriminate Based on Faith: Why the Supreme Court Should Affirm the Third Circuit in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia

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Protecting Genetic Identity with the Right of Publicity: Applying California’s Common Law Right of Publicity to Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing

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Taking a Broad View to Recognize a Narrow Right: How a Holistic Analysis of Literacy’s Role in American Society Demonstrates That it is a Fundamental Right

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