Carpenter v. United States and the Emerging Expectation of Privacy in Data Comprehensiveness Applied to Browsing History

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Clear and Convincing Civility: Applying the Civil Commitment Standard of Proof to Civil Asset Forfeiture

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Products Liability in the Digital Age: Liability of Commercial Sellers of CAD Files for Injuries Committed with a 3D Printed Gun

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Modern-Day Pirates: Why Domestic Parent Corporations Should be Liable Under the Alien Tort Statute for Violations of Workers' Rights Within Global Supply Chains

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DNA and Law Enforcement: How the Use of Open Source DNA Databases Violates Privacy Rights

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Dillon's Rule: A Check on Sheriffs' Authority to Enter 287(g) Agreements

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Playing Outside the Joints: Where the Religious Freedom Restoration Act Meets Title VII

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Using the Supreme Court's Enigmatic Commerce Clause Holding in Sebelius to Challenge Congress's Broken Renewable Fuel Standard

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Artificial Enhancement: Limiting Enhanced Damages Awards for Patent Infringement

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