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Recent Articles

Going Federal, Staying Stateside: Felons, Firearms, and the “Federalization” of Crime

73 Am. U. L. Rev. 585 (2024).

By Jonathan Abel*

Adultery Provisions in Matrimonial Agreements

73 Am. U. L. Rev. 679 (2024).

By Elizabeth R. Carter*

The Repeal of Religious Accommodations – A Constitutional Analysis

73 Am. U. L. Rev. 729 (2024).

By Ronald J. Colombo*

Searching for Truth that Speaks to Power: Free Speech and Equality on Campus

73 Am. U. L. Rev. 807 (2024).

By Stephen M. Feldman*

From Rancid to Reasonable: Unfair Methods of Competition Under State Little FTC Acts

73 Am. U. L. Rev. 857 (2024).

By Samuel Evan Milner*

The Constitutionality of Barring Undocumented Immigrants from Second Amendment Protections

73 Am. U. L. Rev. 929 (2024).

By Abby Vorhees*

Affirmative Acts, Passive Retention, and Exercising Control: Applying City of Chicago v. Fulton to Related Provisions of the Automatic Stay

73 Am. U. L. Rev. F. 129 (2024).

By Halloran Hoffmann*

The Presumption Against Suicide as the Standard for ERISA Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit Cases

73 Am. U. L. Rev. F. 91 (2024).

By Krista Zamurs*

Sports Betting Data Property: Response to Grimmelmann and Mulligan

73 Am. U. L. Rev. F. 79 (2024).

By Ryan M. Rodenberg*

A Contractual Relationship with Environmental Justice

73 Am. U. L. Rev. 343 (2024).

By Seema Kakade*