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Recent Articles

Sports Betting Data Property: Response to Grimmelmann and Mulligan

73 Am. U. L. Rev. F. 79 (2024).

By Ryan M. Rodenberg*

The Presumption Against Suicide as the Standard for ERISA Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit Cases

73 Am. U. L. Rev. F. 91 (2024).

By Krista Zamurs*

A Contractual Relationship with Environmental Justice

73 Am. U. L. Rev. 343 (2024).

By Seema Kakade*

Public Health Product Hops

73 Am. U. L. Rev. 395 (2024).

By Michael S. Sinha*

Buck As (Anti)Canon: The Misuse of Eugenics Rhetoric in Selective-Abortion Jurisprudence and the Dangers for Tort Law

73 Am. U. L. Rev. 449 (2024).

By Samantha C. Smith*

Restraining the Heartless: Erosion of Corporate Liability Under the Alien Tort Statute and the Path Forward for Victims Seeking Redress

73 Am. U. L. Rev. 507 (2024).

By Alexa M. Duffy*

Outer Space Resource Extraction: The Regulation of Commercial Space Actors

73 Am. U. L. Rev. 549 (2024).

By Katie Parnow*

Chasing Losses with Credit: The Dangers of the Absence of Financial Instrument Restrictions in State Gambling Law

73 Am. U. L. Rev. F. 1 (2023).

By Griffen Dresner*

Duet Your Joint Work: How Songwriters Open Themselves Up to Joint Authorship with “Open Verse Challenges” on TikTok

73 Am. U. L. Rev. F. 43 (2023).

By India-Grace Kellogg*

Is It Science or Storytime? Expert Testimony Evaluation Child Witness Credibility in Sexual Assault Cases

73 Am. U. L. Rev. 1 (2023).

By Elizabeth I. Boals*