AULR Presents: My Favorite Law Review Article Video Series

In collaboration with Washington College of Law faculty and American University Law Review staff, we are proud to present a limited video series entitled “My Favorite Law Review Article.” Although oftentimes difficult to pinpoint, one’s “favorite” scholarly commentary or publication might be the one that made them aware of, or even become interested in, a certain field or subfield of law that convinced them that they are not alone in taking a certain position; that supported more clearly or forcefully a position towards which they were already inclined; that made them change their mind; that did not change their mind but made them take into account new and different arguments; that struck them as wonderfully written; that gave them an insight into one of their role models; or maybe some combination of the above.

We hope that this collaborative project brings legal thinkers together and initiates productive conversation about the legal community and how we can better understand each other’s points of view. In that vein, we invite contributions from current and alumni WCL members, faculty from other legal institutions, judges, legislatures, practitioners, regulators, and current law students.

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Current Submissions—Enjoy!

Name: Jamie Abrams, Professor of Law, Director of the Legal Rhetoric Program, American University Washington College of Law

Favorite Law Review Article: Lani Guinier, Michelle Fine & Jane Balin, Becoming Gentlemen: Women's Experiences at one Ivy League Law School, 143 U. Pa. L. Rev. 1 (1994).

Name: Nicole Robinson, J.D. Candidate, American University Washington College of Law

Favorite Law Review Article: Erin Chlopak, One of These Things Is Not Like the Other: NAACP v. Alabama Is Not a Manual for Powerful, Wealthy Spenders to Pour Unlimited Money into our Political Process, 69 Am. U. L. Rev. 1395 (2020). 

Name: Alec Warren, J.D. Candidate, American University Washington College of Law

Favorite Law Review Article: Orin S. Kerr, Decryption Originalism: The Lessons of Burr, 134 Harv. L. Rev. 905 (2021). 

Name: Nancy B. Rapoport, Garman Turner Gordon Professor of Law, William S. Boyd School of Law, UNLV

Favorite Law Review Article: John D. Ayer, 1990 Survey of Books Relating to the Law: Aliens are Coming! Drain the Pool!, 88 Mich. L. Rev. 1584 (1990). 

Name: Dean Amanda Leiter, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs & Director of the Program on Environmental and Energy Law 

Favorite Law Review Article: Tara K. Righetti et. al., The New Oil and Gas Governance, Yale L.J.F. 51 (2020).

Name: Robert Dinerstein, WCL Professor of Law, Director of the Disability Rights Law Clinic

Favorite Law Review Article:  Lucie E. White, Subordination, Rhetorical Survival Skills, and Sunday Shoes: Notes on the Hearing of Mrs. G., 38 Buffalo L. Rev 1 (1990)

Name: Walter Effross, WCL Professor of Corporate Law

Favorite Law Review Article:  Elizabeth Warren, The Untenable Case for Repeal of Chapter 11, 102 Yale L.J. 437 (1992).