By Jorge L. Contreras, Laura DeNards, & Melanie Teplinsky | 62 Am. U. L. Rev. 1113 (2013)

Cyberthreats recently overtook terrorism as the number one global threat to America, according to the 2013 global threat assessment performed by the U.S. intelligence community. This special issue of the American University Law Review represents the culmination of a concerted effort to bring together scholars, legal practitioners, industry representatives, and government officials to discuss and debate the pressing issues surrounding cybersecurity in today’s increasingly interconnected environment. This effort began in October 2012 with a public symposium entitled America the Virtual: Security, Privacy, and Interoperability in an Interconnected World. One of the principal themes of the symposium was the growing threat that online security breaches present to business, government, and individual citizens. This Law Review issue offers reflections on the symposium, original scholarship, and commentary that we hope will further advance the debate.


Cybersecurity and cyberthreats have risen to prominence in the national public discourse. Private industry, governmental actors, and civil society have recognized these issues as critical to national security, economic competitiveness, and individual rights. We are confident that the timely subjects raised in this issue of the American University Law Review represent only the beginning of a debate that is sure to continue for years to come.

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