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Volume 59, Issue 5
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FOREWORD José Luis Jesus
Rationality, Pirates, and the Law: A Retrospective Peter T. Leeson
How Piracy Has Shaped the Relationship Between American Law and International Law Joel H. Samuels
Countering Persistent Contemporary Sea Piracy: Expanding Jurisdictional Regimes Joseph M. Isanga
The Use of Force, Freedom of Commerce, and Double Standards in Prosecuting Pirates in Kenya James Thuo Gathii
Fighting Piracy with Private Security Measures: When Contract Law Should Tell Parties to Walk the Plank Jennifer S. Martin
Salvage Awards on the Somali Coast: Who Pays for Public and Private Rescue Efforts in Piracy Crises? Geoffrey Christopher Rapp
Mugged Twice? Payment of Ransom on the High Sea Lawrence Rutkowski, Bruce G. Paulsen, Jonathan D. Stoian
The Somali Piracy Problem: A Global Puzzle Necessitating a Global Solution Milena Sterio