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Volume 26, Issue 2
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Voiceprint Indentification Evidence - Out of the Frye Pan and into Admissibility John F. Decker, Joel Handler
State Responsibility for Injuries to Aliens Occassioned by Terrorist Activities Richard B. Lillich, John M. Paxman
Asian Immigrants in American Law: A Look at the Past and the Challenge Which Remains Chin Kim, Bok Lim C. Kim
COMMENT: New Developments in Legal Malpractice Mark Robert Friend, Joseph H. Hartzler
COMMENT: Tax Policies in Relation to Nonbusiness Legal Expenses and Prepaid Legal Services: The Inequities of New Sections 120 and 501(c)(20) of the I.R.C. and a Call for a Deduction for All Nonbusiness Legal Expenses Eugene Licker
Book Review: International Regulation of Multinational Corporations James H. Sood
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